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Every cyclist is unique when it comes to body shape, size and riding style.  

Often the bikes we ride haven’t had much in the way of custom fitting for our bodies.

To sustain time spent on the bike a rider must: 

  • Feel comfortable
  • Be without pain or injury
  • Be in the moment of the raw power generated between bike, rider and road.


In the Empire Cycles Retul bike fit studio you are able to harness untapped speed and power by fitting your bike perfectly with your body. 

The Retul Studio offers the most advanced and accurate bicycle fitting system available today. The system delivers millimetre-specific bike fitting solutions, available to anyone one wanting to take their cycling to the next level.

A Retul bike fit will advance your riding by:


Increasing comfort – comfort when you ride is essential – no matter your riding level. 


Preventing pain and injury – correct the positioning of your bike so your body sits on the bike in its natural position. Your body position is no longer dictated by the positioning of the bike therefore reducing the stress and fatigue on your muscles and joints.


Maximising performance – when you are comfortable and your body is 100% aligned you are not fighting other factors. All your muscle power and endurance is reserved for the road. 



“I bought my daughter in for a bike sizing as she was having back issues when riding.

After the sizing, her back pain has reduced a lot and she was able to ride double the usual distance.

Her average speed has increased and she feels she has even more in the tank after a ride.

The changes you made to the bike made a big difference, thank you!”

Yeolanda Fraser

“I had heard great things about Retul but already thought I had my bike setup well despite the fact I’d been managing pain in my knees and lower back for years. 

Being able to see the changes on the computer as we made adjustments gave me an understanding and confidence in the process. 

After the fit, as my body adjusted, I felt great and this relieved a lot of my lower back and knee pain on the bike.

The Retul Fit was a good investment for my riding and body. I would recommend one if you wanted to get the most out of riding.”

Jimmy Pritchard

“I used to get numb palms and a sore back whilst cycling and struggled on the longer rides. 

The boys at Empire Cycles suggested a bike fit to help fit the bike better to my body type.

Immediately I noticed the difference after having the fit done. My bike was much comfier to ride and my nagging pains are gone, now it’s only my fitness holding me back on the long rides.”

Chris Ruttico



Create power and comfort on your bike.

Book a custom bike fit today with one of the Empire Cycles Retul Fit qualified staff.

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