Mountain bike coaching for all riding abilities.

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Learn mountain bike skills from the best in the west.

What would you like to improve in your mountain biking? Is it to have more confidence when cornering? To be able to see the faster line? Maybe you just want to be able to beat your mates next time you’re out riding.

No matter what it is Empire Coaching will build on your skills and technique raising your confidence and mindset so you can ride anywhere.

Whether you’re jumping on a bike for the first time or an experienced rider Empire Coaching is for anyone looking to get more fun and enjoyment out of their riding. By learning from some of the best in Australia, you are guaranteed to improve your riding.

The Empire Coaching team is made up of three professional mountain bike coaches:

“For a while it felt like mountain biking had fallen into the shadows when it came to coaching. There are a lot of fast riders out there although no-one was passing on their skill set to the general public…until now that is”

Dave Long

Empire Cycles

Confidence. Control. Speed.

Learn directly from the boys in a structured learning environment. Receive tips and advice personalised to you and your skill level. Notice immediate improvements to your riding.

The course criteria with Empire Coaching covers the fundamentals of mountain biking:
  • Braking – when and where to brake to maintain traction and trail speed.
  • Cornering – setting up for a corner and how to make a smooth and speedy exit.
  • Line selection – picking the fastest and safest lines.

Classes are held for all levels of riding capabilities: beginner, intermediate and expert.

All courses are held to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure every rider has plenty of one-on-one time with the coaches.

It’s an experience you won’t forget. Fast track your mountain bike skills to get you to where you want to be.

Mountain bike coaching froth.

“I did an Empire Coaching course to improve my bike skills. After completing the course I noticed more confidence in my corning and I was staying off the brakes in sections that I would usually be on them. The boys do a great job and I would recommend the coaching to anyone wanting to boost their bike skills.”

Brad Petricevic

“I wanted to do the coaching as it was a prime opportunity to be coached by the world number 1! I have noticed a big improvement on trails that I know and ride well. I am now riding a lot more flowier and faster through the corners. I would recommend Empire Coaching to anyone mountain bike riding!”

Neil Coutts

“I decided to do Empire Coaching to improve my ride for the WAGE rounds. After the coaching I noticed a big confidence change when riding corners. I’d recommend the coaching with Empire for anyone that wants to improve their riding”

Daniel Giles

Level up your bike skills. Learn from the best.

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