Brand: Specialized
Price: $4,200 – $19,100

The One Bike That Will do it All

How good would a bike be that is as equally good at climbing as it is at sprinting, without compromising in any areas?

This is exactly what Specialized have achieved with the new SL7 Tarmac.

45 seconds faster than the previous SL6 Tarmac over 40kms and weighing in right on the lightest legal UCI weight there’s nothing this bike can’t do.

The days of making sacrifices between “aero” and “lightweight” bikes are over:

  • Rider first engineered carbon frame to ensure a premium ride quality across all sizes.
  • Only available in a Carbon frame for the lightest and smoothest ride possible.

The Tarmac SL7 – The Winners Ride

Available Tarmac SL7 models are: Tarmac SL7 Expert | Tarmac SL7 Pro | Tarmac SL7 S-Works


The Need for Speed

If you’re after the fastest bike possible regardless of the terrain the new SL7 is the bike for you. Have all the advantages you need over your fellow competitors.

Combine the worlds best climbing bike and the world’s fastest sprinting bike and you have the brand new SL7 Tarmac.