Brand: Specialized
Price: $4,900 – $23,700

The Power to Ride More Trails

What do you get when you take the geometry and design cues from the Stumpjumper and add the latest in electric technology? Well, the most celebrated electric mountain bike in existence of course. A mountain bike first and e-bike second the Specialized Turbo Levo is the ultimate e-trail bike for Western Australia. Welcome to the revolution!

It’s a common misconception that e-bikes are for lazy people. Oh, it couldn’t be so wrong. With the assistance of the Specialized 2.2 motor you’ll ride faster, further, longer and more often. Your pedal input is amplified by a mind blowing 410%. Burn up the hill as fast as you get down.

The Turbo Levo is our go-to e-bike with:

  • 160mm of suspension front and 150mm travel rear.
  • Alloy or carbon sidearm frame – offers outstanding ride quality and control.
  • Smoothest, most powerful motor on the market.
  • Mission Control App – connect your bike to your smart phone to further customise your ride
  • 500Wh or 700Wh battery – explore more trails with an extended range of 50km-100km
  • Rider amplification: 4x You
  • Adjustable geometry to fine tune the bike to suit your style of riding. 

The Specialized Turbo Levo – More power. More riding. More speed. More fun.

Available Turbo Levo models are: Turbo Levo | Turbo Levo Comp | Turbo Levo Expert Carbon | Turbo Levo S-Works


It’s You Only Faster

The Specialized Levo knows no boundaries. Rowdy descents? Steep climbs? Oh, hell yes.

This bike is ready for any riding you can throw at it. Epic explores or technical single trail. The trails are yours.

The Levo is best suited to ride:

  • WA Gravity Enduro (WAGE) rounds
  • Camel Farm
  • Goat Farm
  • Perth hills steep and technical single trail
  • Murray Valley Mountain Bike Trail Network
  • Linga Longa Bike Park
  • Down south network of trails
  • Kalamunda 50

The Levo is ready to go. Get out and explore!